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This is a photo blog of a Japanese jeans fan.

Contents are
– a Blog,
– a Brand Photo Gallery, and
– a List of Stores dealing in Japanese jeans around the world.

Why did I make this site ?


A few years ago I got a Momotaro Jeans, and was deeply impressed with the quality.

Then I was interested in jeans made in Japan, and went Okayama prefecture. There were many jeans maker in Okayama and each brand was very cool. I was attracted to those.

After that I read books and studied about jeans, and got a qualification of Jeans Sommelier operated by Okayama prefecture apparel industrial union and Kurashiki Fashion Center.

I Love Jeans made in Japan, and want more and more people to know those awesome jeans.

Who am I ?


My name (online handle) is CottonCotton.

I am a blogger in Japan, a fan of Japanese jeans, and a jeans sommelier. I live in Kagoshima prefecture with my husband.

I am not good at English. Please let me know correct sentences from a contact page, if you feel uncomfortable in wrong sentences or unnatural expressions.

Some information on this site

Site Name

Japanese Denim Jeans Laboratory
( Abbreviation: JD Lab )

Site Address

Background Image


The background image of this site is the photo above. A man is hemming jeans with Union Special 43200G.


I put some advertisements such as google ads on this site.

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  • Hi,
    I'm a blogger in Japan. I love jeans made in Japan, and made this site to write about those.

    Site contents are a blog, a photo gallery of brands, and a list of stores dealing in Japanese jeans around the world.